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Part 9 – The Habit of Generosity




·        Generosity starts with God

o   It starts with you being generous towards Him

§  It starts with tithing

o   Now before you raise up with objections or comments about why you think you shouldn’t or why can’t tithe.

§  You are too late – I have seen this work like clockwork for both my wife and myself.


Understanding the System of Tithing


·        Tithing works like farming or agriculture

·        Why did God do it that way? 

o   Couldn’t God just went ‘Swoosh!’ – 95 million peach trees all laden with fruit

§  Swoosh! – 37 billion rice plants – loaded with rice

§  Swoosh! – 300 zillion banana trees – loaded and ready to go.


·        Instead there is a time process to all things God

o   Now heaven won’t be any different

§  “Yeah but there is no time in heaven”

§  Yes but there is process in heaven

§  It’s not instant – things work by process

·        There is an order to things and you will see the order just not be aware of the time element.

§  Nothing in God is instant – nothing.

o   You plant a seed – you wait for the seed to germinate and start growing in the ground a specified time and then the tree breaks ground and grows – which is more time – and then produces fruit at some later stage.


§  You plant the seed – you wait – and then the harvest comes

§  You plant the seed – you wait – and then the harvest comes

§  You plant the seed – you wait – and then the harvest comes

§  You have to respect this process

·        If you do respect the process, when the crisis comes – the harvest is there.

·        If you withhold the seed (the tithe) because you think you can’t afford to put it into the ground, this is what will happen

o   The same amount of time is going to go by

o   The same crisis will pop up

§  The one you didn’t see

§  The one you weren’t expecting

o   There will be no harvest to bail you out

o   And you will have to handle that crisis with your own resources.


§  If your resources are low to begin with, you are going to end up in the hole.

§  Don’t get despondent.

·        If you didn’t realize how this works…

·        If you cry out to God, God is full of mercy and He will help you.

·        But you don’t have to live praying about one crisis after another crisis –

·        If you tithe and the seed is already in the ground, you do not have cry out for mercy – you respected the process – the tree is there!!! The harvest is in place.

o   So we have talked the majority of this lesson on the idea and focus of being generous towards God.

o   Of course tithing gets expanding by sowing more directly into individual people’s lives

o   Here is a Joyce Meyer quote along that line.

o   “Don’t think you have to have a lot of money in order to be generous. Generosity can be practiced no matter how much or how little you have. If you share what you have with others freely, you are a generous person. You may share a meal, give a helping hand, give hospitality by inviting others into your home, or you may give the gift of true friendship.”